I’m all women is a story of struggle, of survival. Yes this is my journey but I’m not claiming it as mine. It’s all women’s.

During my darkest hour ladies with seemingly perfect lives dug deep and confided in me their personal tragedies. Heartbreaking tales of cheating, financial ruin, betrayal (by both friends and partners), dishonesty, single motherhood, loss of job/ruin of career, legal battles, living with partners who hide sordid secrets, depression, living with mental illnesses, and survival.

I was dismayed and shocked, yet comforted. Despite their own suffering women came out in force to offer me words of strength and inspiration to help me through the day. (Which for the record was worth more to me than I can ever repay. You know who you are ladies a piece of my grateful heart will forever be with you!)

Each and every story touched me with sadness and anger that as human beings we have the capacity to hurt one another in such relentlessly cruel ways; but they gave me much more than┬áthat… they gave me a distraction from my own all-consuming problems and made me feel needed, gave me purpose. They made me realise that I’m not alone in this war, I was part of a silent (smiling) army, marching through life doing whatever it takes to stand again.

You see despite their differences each story had one common thread. All these ladies were doing it. Moving on, starting over. Finding happiness! With that lesson came the hope that I could rebuild myself from the tangled wreckage that was my heart and soul.

When considering my “end game” of I’m all women it’s simply to give some of that back. An altruistic attempt to offer comfort and hope to others by sharing my sad saga. If I can provide even a fragment of solace; of inner peace to just one woman, to let her know it’s not her, she’s not alone, and she will get through it, well, my turmoil won’t have been in vain.

Yes my tale is harrowing and extreme in parts to the point that it reads as fiction (trust me this all really did happen I have the lawyers bills to prove it) but it’s also a recognition that we all have struggles. Battles no matter how big or small they may seem in comparison it’s all relative. Pain is pain and all women have to fight in some guise.

I am you, you are me. I’m all women!


I’d like to say I hope you enjoy reading I’m all women and that I’d love to hear from you but that somehow seems crass, so instead I’ll simply say get in touch with you thoughts, stories or comments. All are equally welcomed.

Best love “I’m all women”

Please note, I say what I feel and the odd “F” bomb may be dropped.. So the easily offended should steer clear!

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