About me

Hey, I’m J!

Phew, That’s the easy bit done… but who am I? Well that’s not so easy, so I’ll start with the basics; I’m a (newly) single mum of two amazing boys; O and A. I’m (almost) an ex-wife… Yes there’s a story behind that one… I’m a sister, a daughter, a friend.
I’m a woman. Just a simple woman not unlike any other. Not remarkable in any way shape or form, so what makes me me?
I’m a pin-aholic, shoe hoarder and fashion is my porn. I’m an over user of brackets (as you will come to see), smoker, drinker and excessive consumer of caffeine – what can I say a girl has to have some pleasures!

Still have no clue about me?

Honestly that makes two of us! 🙂 So for now I’ll just say this; I’m on journey of rediscovery not the yoga bending, juice squeezing kinda discovery, but more the “I’ve lost my place in the world and I need to find where I fit” kinda discovery.
I’m a work in progress. A mess of confusion, emotions and conflicted ideals. I’m evolving, and I’m unapologetic in my evolution!

So now you know as much about me as me. If your intrigued to watch as this new me unfolds please stop by and say hi, leave a comment or share your story your always welcome.