I’m here!

Wow. I’m here, I did it! I finally claimed my own little corner of the virtual world.

After almost 12 months of thinking and dreaming about what this could look like, where it might lead I’m here and I’m doing it.  One small step at a time I’m doing it. On my own. For me! And my god it feels good!

This little blog ‘o’ mine is the first brave step I have made in defining the new me. Who is the new Jen? The Jen who will no longer be known as the one who lost her husband, best friend, home, life, job, career, mental well being and financial security at the hands of those closest to her??

I don’t know at this point who this new me is but what I can tell you is this; this ride is bound to be crazy and hectic and scary and thrilling and overwhelming all rolled into one. I’m going to want to run and cry and laugh and scream everyday, and some days I will. But no matter what I’ll march on. After all I have two amazing boys who need me.

So so stop by, say hi or simply be a spectator either way come along and enjoy the ride!

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