Friends are the best!

I talk a lot about the women who helped me through my dark, desperate hours. Women, ladies – friends who have often call me inspirational without realising the irony in that small statement.


Yes indeed, you see, those women; no friends, were my strength, my inspiration!! Despite the miles between us, to this day they pop up from time to time with words of comfort, joy and silliness all of which mean so much to me that words simply fail me!

Case in point…

This morning I woke, logged on to Facebook and found a message from one of those ladies that literally bought me to tears… Happy tears!
A darling lady, an ex colleague and an amazing friend from Germany- someone who just appeared by my side and has not left it- albeit in spirit now we have a sea between us, posted a song to my timeline with the comment;   “this is your anthem”!

It’s a beautiful song about strength and power. Continuing to fight on despite the size of the battle. It’s just lovely and I have to say I did get a kick of empowerment to continue on – not just for myself but for all the other women out there still grafting to survive yet another day.

So today my darling friend, this post is for you. Little do you know that YOU are my inspiration! You are a tower of sheer steel wrapped in a perfect package of giggles, sarcasm and gossip (all my best features reflected in you!) a truly selfless person who has done more for me than I could ever repay. You took time away from your children, your work? your life just to hold me up. It didn’t go unnoticed!

So to you beautiful lady – thank you… You know who you are!

And.. To pass the baton…To every other woman out there needing a spot of inspiration for your weekend… Listen, enjoy, embrace x



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