Day of reckoning

I realise I have been MIA for quite some time now (sorry) but life has really been too hectic to describe. But don’t fear I will update you on what’s been going on as soon as I have time to breathe.

For now here I sit, hours away from attending court! Talk about a mashup of mixed emotions. Highs that drive a level of gumption that I never knew I had – especially given how hard he has worked to wear me down over the past two years. Compared with lows so disabling that all I can do is sob and blubber in defeat. It’s exhausting!

But here we are, at least here I am… He apparently is not planning to attend, “it’s inconvenient” – god my heart bleeds, but seriously why would he attend? We all know he is above the law. The very man (term used  loosely!) who chooses to hide behind the law when it suits him, is now hiding from the very same institution simply because he knows it will bring him to his knees- as it should!

His cowardliness at facing me and his day in court is palpable, to the degree that he has risked more than was already on the line to make a written threat to me only two days ago to bully and scare me into doing as he wishes.

Sadly for him I have truth on my side. Integrity in abundance. And balls way bigger than his 6 foot frame would ever allow!

So to you hear this and hear it loud!-  I’m not scared of you. I won’t back down and I will see justice for my boys done!

6 thoughts on “Day of reckoning

    1. Hi,

      In short yes! I have diaries that I kept from dday onwards that I plan to use to outline the full situatio, but if I’m honest at this point I’m not really ready to open those and relive them just yet. I’m not far off so please be patient with me and I’ll give you the full scoop when I feel the time is right.


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