The moments that matter

Thursday June 2nd. The final goodbye. So many people. Friends old and new. Family travelled from far and wide all together for you. To celebrate you, to cherish you. To say a last goodbye. 

As painful as these moments in life are, I know I have so much to be thankful for. I look around me at all these faces, all brought together for you. Each one holding memories, stories and loving thoughts of you. You are part of them, as you are me. Still living and breathing through us. 

I watched with sadness and huge pride as the new men of the family, your wonderful grandsons carry you up high. Arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder, with steady, lovingly placed strides they accompany you to your final sleep. 

My boy O, only 14 years old, would not be turned. Try as I might to convince him that he didn’t have to do it, he was as determined as you would have been… carry he would! And you know what, I’m so glad he did. 

I have always been proud of my boys (of all the boys), but in that moment my heart was truly overwhelmed with such love for that young man. Stoic, composed, mature, and looking oh so handsome in his new black suit. He took his responsibilty seriously, lavishing all his attention and focus to ensure the proper delivery of the task in hand. 

He did you proud. They did you proud. 

It’s these moments that matter. When we are all together. Crying, laughing, hugging, caring and sharing. This is what life is all about. 



United in you. 

So now what? Life goes on…

Harsh but true. 

But know this little one; you will never be forgotten because you will live on; in those boys, in me, in your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles and friends. As long as there is breath in our bodies we will share our stories of you and you will live on X 

Good night God bless X 

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