Date with Nuremberg

I’m so happy to sit here once again. Yes Starbucks is firmly in hand and a silly school girl grin plastered right across my face. You know the kind of smile you get the day after a great date, when your sitting alone thinking of your new love and you just feel warm Inside. That’s the one. I feel almost giddy in my delight. 

I love this place. Always have done but leaving was so hard, frought with what ifs with future regrets. The Places of this city, our places became part of the cover up-part of the lie that was my life. So leaving was so bitter sweet. I felt like not only had he betrayed me but my city had to. She covered up for him. Gave him the shadows to skulk about it. And she allowed me to think life was rosey she never get me a hint! No clues at all. 

So today my plan is simple. I’m going on a date with my city. I have forgiven her and I’m allowing  her to show me her forgiveness is appreciated. 

I will hold her hand and love and document her in all her splendid glory warts and all. Through my tourist lense I’ll rewrite those past feelings and create a new story of my life here. 

So for now I will bid you tscuss and set off to fall in love! 

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