My city and me; day two part two!

Hugo, shopping my city and me- day two part two

 I can’t even describe this feeling without you all thinking I’m some weirdo but I’ll give it a go. Today has been fantastic so far. My date was fab! Peaceful, romantic, nostalgic. Amazing. 

The bustling streets; the Easter market stalls brimming with bunnies woven from straw and painted eggs hung from branches all over town. The trestle tables are sheltered from the early spring showers with red and white canopies, providing a wonderful opulent feast for the eyes. 

My vantage point, bar Alex. High above the martkplatz, the smell of coffee, crepes and bratwurst rising up, tempting me to indulge. 

There’s a slight chill in the air, but in wonderful German fashion I’m cosy warm thanks to the gratis blanket left lovingly on my chair just for my comfort.    

The blanket provides more than a touch of warmth. It’s a symbol of safety; arms engulfing me holding me close protecting me from the once dark shadows of the town around me. The streets echo with the barking laughter from the traders down below, drowned out only by the chimes of the magnificent cathedral sitting in pride of place at the head of the square.

Today I have walked every inch of this city (still wearing that smile) I and in the process I silenced my mind. 

It would be a lie to say I didn’t think of him.. How could I not. But honestly, it’s so different. Today I wanted to see him and for him to see me. I knew that in a second he would recognise the sparkle I had in my eye, the spring in my step. He would sense my contentment. He would feel the confidence and happiness emanating from my being. He would recognise this as the thing he once saw every day. The thing he threw away. The thing he will never see again. From me. From anyone. And right there he will know that I won. 

Sadly he didn’t appear, but Hugo did. Just what I need after a day of loving my city and shopping. Cold Refreshing, Lush Hugo! 

I sit with Hugo and let the world carry on around me a while longer. I think of the giggles last night with my wonderful girl friends. An odd bunch some may say, thrown together from all walks of life.. But the genius is in the crazy, and it just works. They amaze and astound me every day. Today a slower catch up with one who couldn’t make dinner last night. Adorable sweet Jess. I have so much to be thankful for. I am blessed. It’s crazy, I feel like So much has happened and I’ve only been a day and yet in context nothing has happened at all. 

I glance at my watch. Time to say goodbye to Nuremberg – for today. I’m not sad. Not at all. Tonight a party more fun, more friends.. No doubt more drinks! And maybe a boy… (Shhh it’s a secret!) 

So to you my Nuremberg, 

Tschüss Meiner Liebe!! I go with peace and calm and in knowledge and joy that I will see you again very soon! 

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