On the other side 

I find it amazing- astounding in fact that as human beings we have the ability to infect someone else with a feeling. Be it positive or negative; once someone has you in their sights with an intent to make an impact that’s it, it hits you like a spell. Dragging you to the depths of despair or to the highest of highs. 
I have seen the former all to many times and now I bask in the light. I’m seeing what life is like on the other side.

A warmth. A smile. A touch. A word. That’s all it took! 

 I’m upside down, head spinningly giddy- excited brave and bashful all at the same time. A myriad of contradictions swell my daily thoughts but that’s ok. After all don’t “they” say with great risk comes great reward? Now I can’t help but to think – it’s my turn, my time!!  

So I’m embracing it with all that I have- no expectations other than to enjoy every moment. 

At the risk of this post becoming a puke-fest I’ll call it a day now, but I do want to say to all the women out there who are sadly still on the dark side of their journey- 

There is hope. It will get better. You will smile again. 

For now cry the tears you need to cry. Greave the life you’ve lost or that will never be, but know that something else, something more spectacular than you ever dared to dream is waiting just for you! 


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