Baby steps


Before you tut and roll your eyes, No this isn’t a metaphorical post about taking baby steps in moving on, but rather a post about actual baby steps.

Yesterday my little bubba took his first few independent steps!!!

Just like that out of the blue he just up and walked across the kitchen floor! Wow what a milestone in his little life, and I couldn’t have been more proud and more happy for him.

Mum and I screamed and clapped and yelped with pure joy at his accomplishment,  his little toothy face literally beaming  with sheer happiness. With no fear whatsoever he just let go of his anchor and took a leap of faith that I was there ready to catch him if he fell; and off he went.  Watching his confident smiling strides that wasn’t necessary  all I had to do once he arrived at his destination was to squeeze him tight!

Once again I’m left blessed and humbled at my life. All the other stuff, the drama, the pain, the nightmares are washed away, I mean how could they not be when I have moments, unforgettable, once in a lifetime – precious moments like this in my life! ?



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